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The 2mm mindset shift

2mm Mindset Shift

The 2mm Mind-Shift focuses on the 7 pillars of mindset to help train the brain to work for us to achieve RMR (Rapid Massive Results) with a little shift in focus.

Image by engin akyurt

Pillar 1


With so many things that get our attention, the ability to choose what to focus on is key.

Pillar 2


Free-will in choosing the meaning that comes with every thought that produces how we feel.

Sunset Martial Arts

Pillar 3


Understanding all the states we have and tapping into the right state at the right time.

Pillar 4


Uncovering the most effective ways to reprogram your mind and handle any situation.

Image by Ameer Basheer
Image by Noah Buscher

Pillar 5


Outcome focussed techniques to get you what you really want.

Pillar 6


Finding and transforming limiting beliefs into what's really possible.

Image by Jon Tyson

Pillar 7


Creating the MAP and making the shifts to where you want to go.

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