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The 2mm Golf Shift

The 2mm Golf Shift

Master the game of Golf in the most immersive Golf Event by Tim Hurja. After training thousands of Instructors and Golfers including Tony Robbins, Tim has formulated Golf into 7 Main Pillars which will enable you to master Golf with a deep understanding of the sport.

Golf Bags
Holding a Golf Ball

Pillar 1

Golf Concepts

& Techniques

Golf Concepts & Techniques helps to understand the laws, principles & preferences that help put golf into perspective in the easiest way as to not get lost in mechanics so you can PLAY GOLF not golf swing.

Pillar 2


Short Game

As the saying goes, drive for show and putt for dough, which is why the best players in the game spend at least twice as much time practicing the short game.

Golf Putt
Psychology 2.jpg

Pillar 3

Golf Psychology

Golf Psychology helps identify the ideal mental state for peak performance on the golf course and a special bonus here on how to get to a peak state off the course as well.

Pillar 4

Golf Physiology

Golf Physiology helps you understand how the body applies/adapts to the concepts & techniques that it can physically perform or if needed modified movements resulting in a unique custom program for each individual.

Physical Body 1.jpg
Image by John Such

Pillar 6

Pillar 5

Golf Course Topography

Golf Course Topography helps to identify the slope for bounce & roll that allows you to see how the contours will likely affect your ball on the ground.

Pillar 6

Golf Equipment

Golf Equipment helps to understand the criticality to have clubs that fit your swing along with the accessories to avoid having to fit your swing to your equipment.

Image by Nathan Shively

Pillar 7

Golf Rules

Mastering Golf Rules help you understand how to play the game of golf so that the rules aren't something that only penalizes you, but also can help if you know how to use them to your advantage.

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