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Golf Swing

golf Full swing


No 2 golfers' swings are exactly the same, Golf Full Swing helps to find your ideal motion that repeats painlessly to make solid contact at your target.

Man Playing Golf

Set Up

Positioning your feet, knees, hips, shoulders, head, arms, hands and club to have the ideal athletic start of your golf swing.

Image by James Lewis


The training never ends in many areas in our lives, especially true with our balance which is why we must.

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Finding the "beat" to your unique golf swing that matches your personality rhythm is the key for your Tempo and Balance to work ideally together.

A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model

Solid Contact

How to create solid contact with the ball to have it go where you want it to go?

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Club Path

Club Path directly influences ball spin and the ultimate curvature of a Golf Shot.

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Club Face

Club Face has been recently discovered to have more influence on the initial ball flight direction than the Club Path.

Image by Juan Jose Porta


How does distance control vary from elevation and temperatures?

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