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The 2mm Life Shift

The 2mm Life Shift

The 2mm Life Shift focuses on 7 Pillars that Tim put together allowing us to discover where we are currently to create awareness while providing a place to be with others that want to raise their capabilities.

Image by Feteme Fuentes

Pillar 1

Emotional State

Discovering our emotional home and understanding the frequencies and energy associated with our choice of emotions and how they affect our life and those around us.

Pillar 2

spiritual state

Seeking out and assessing our spiritualality level while finding ways to develop our soul.

Yoga by the Ocean

Pillar 3

Physical State

How can we take our physical body to a higher level enabling it to not just be healthy and pain free but also serve our higher purpose even more by healing and nourishing. 

Pillar 4



Finding the ideal state of mind to be in for the current situation at hand while learning how to respond verses reacting even better.

Image by Anthony Tran
Business People Talking

Pillar 6

Pillar 5


Expand our awareness by assessing where we are on the career path and our perception of who we are while getting real feedback from our peers to how we're perceived in order to get us where we really want to go in our lifetime.

Pillar 6

Personal Life

A deep discovery to determine our goals and dreams while developing a clear precise MAP to keep us on track and balanced in this most precious part of our life outside of our career.

Urban Life
Helping Hands

Pillar 7


Discover our ultimate highest calling that meets the need to give back to this world in order to become fulfilled by determining our true gifts that are unique only to us.

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