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The 2mm relationship shift

The 2mm Relationship Shift

The 2mm Relationship Shift focuses on the 7 pillars of why the answer to every challenge is a Relationship utilizing RTI (Relationship Tracking Index) that helps you measure the depth of each connection.

Image by Mimi Thian
Business handshake

Pillar 1


The art of creating the first impression that makes the client feel that you truly care about them.

Pillar 2


Finding the common ground to build a connection taking the relationship to a deeper human level.

Image by Austin Distel
Image by Mimi Thian

Pillar 3


Shifting focus from asking what you want from the relationship to giving them something valuable that they need.

Pillar 4


The art of educating them on your unique gifts while following true to your commitments. 

Image by lauren lulu taylor
Business Owner

Pillar 5

follow up

The repetition required to stay at the top of their mind that leads to them asking your expert advice.

Pillar 6


Knowing whether they would ask your advice or opinion to make their final decision.

Business Meeting
The New House

Pillar 7


The outcomes that create meaningful actions together or with referrals.

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