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The 2mm spiritual shift

The 2mm Spiritual Shift

The 2mm Spiritual Shift focuses on the 7 pillars of spiritual development by growing the Soul to be the leader.

Image by Bobby Johnson
Enjoying the Nature

Pillar 1

free will

Learning the importance of choosing what our thoughts mean and what to do with them.

Pillar 2


The development and ultimate connection with The Source. 

Hatha Class

Pillar 3


The importance of quieting the mind to hear the spirit.

Pillar 4


Determining your way of giving thanks and praise.

Image by Ben White
Image by Patrick Fore

Pillar 5


Finding the balance between the rules vs doing what's right.

Pillar 6


Believing in your thoughts and impulses even more which leads us to make the right choices.

Image by Jon Tyson
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Pillar 7

control & practice

Disciplining the Soul to take charge as opposed to the mind, body or emotions.

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